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Contents and Abstracts - Volume 19 Number 2 2012

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QuickStats is the statistical database of over 14,000 global industry statistics downloadable individually or in pre-formatted tables, including the total number and GLA of shopping centres by category for 27 European countries and historic data from ICSC's Pan-European Shopping Centre Executive Opinion Survey.

Country Fact Sheets provide high-level data on the retail property and retail industries in specific countries worldwide. The Fact Sheets include data on the number, GLA and type of shopping centres in a country; statistics on retail and shopping centre sales and employment; and a list of the five largest shopping centres, retailers and shopping centre owners. The information provided is broadly similar for all countries to facilitate international comparisons, although not all data is available for all countries. Fact sheets are currently available for the following European countries with more on the way soon: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and UK.

Country Fact Sheets are based on information sourced by ICSC members who are industry experts based in the country concerned and they are updated on a regular basis. ICSC believes that the information provided is reliable, but cannot guarantee its accuracy and is not liable for any damages arising out of its use.

If you have questions regarding the data or would like to volunteer to add to or refresh the statistics provided, please contact ICSC Research at

Global Shopping Center Directory

The new ICSC Global Shopping Center Directory, which is powered by Real Capital Analytics, was launched in late May 2010. This new online directory has been vastly expanded with mapping and better searching capabilities. ICSC members can look up international shopping centre data such as the centre name, location, owner/developer, the year the property was opened, size (gross leasable area), key tenants and management or leasing contact information.

To access the directory and download the app please visit

Retail Property Insights

Retail Property Insights, ICSC's flagship research publication (formerly known as Research Review) provides state-of-the-art articles on the global retail property industry. Its mission is to be a must-read publication, not just for the professional researcher, but for anyone who wants a state-of-the-art perspective on retail property. Retail Property Insights includes articles by ICSC staff, industry researchers, ICSC Research Scholars, academics and others associated with the retail property and retail industries. In addition to research-based studies it offers articles on best practices, tools-of-the-trade and emerging industry trends, as well as interviews and thought-leading opinion pieces.

If you would like to contribute an article, to suggest a topic to be covered or to provide feedback on an article you have read, contact ICSC Research at

Submission Guidelines for Retail Property Insights articles

If you are looking for a particular article or topic from the current or previous issues, please use the search facility within the e-Library.

Albert Sussman e-Library

ICSC's Albert Sussman e-Library offers a wealth of searchable and regularly-updated reference information. It contains ICSC publications, plus approximately 3,000 popular and trade magazines, journals and thousands of country and company reports.

Research Scholar Programme

ICSC's Research Scholar Programme–launched in 2007– supplements ongoing research department efforts with non-resident/part-time scholars or experts providing the highest quality specialised research, policy and technical recommendations and analysis on a range of industry issues throughout the world. A research scholar's commitment is typically 2 or 3 years. To learn more about the programme, contact ICSC at

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